Imogene Pass, CO Trail Run

Imogene Pass (Elev. 13,114 ft.) is a mountain pass that crosses a ridge that connects Ouray, Colorado with Telluride, Colorado. As a part of this year's FJ Summit 8, we took this group trail run, but the bridge for the first river crossing was out of commission.  So we just crossed the river by entering it. 

Snoqualmie Falls, WA

On Friday, March 8, 2013, a day after we arrived in Seattle, Washington on our wedding anniversary, we made our first FJ Cruiser trip using a magma (orange) colored rental to visit Snoqualmie Falls.  The drive was scenic and beautiful.  The bare-bones FJ had no transmitter key fob or GPS Navigation, but was fun to drive and comfortable to ride in.  We used the Google Navigation on Michael's Galaxy Note wedged into the driver's side dash compartment.  Little did we know that 5 months later, we would purchase an upgraded version of this FJ Cruiser.

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